Let's go partner!, We have to attack!

Helixopter Dragonoid to Guladegula

Helixopter Dragonoid
Type Pyrus Helix Dragonoid
First appearance none
Gender male
Attribute pyrus
Power 560 Gs
Variations none
Brawler Guladegula
Battle Gear AeroKor
Themes none
Main Adversary H.

Helixopter Dragonoid is the ace's guardian Bakugan of Guladegula.


It looks like the other Helix Dragonoid except he contains the power of the Silent Core in his diamond symbol. It says that the Helixopter Dragonoid was born in the Doom Dimension. He's friends with Storm and no other.

Helix Dragonoid is two-times the power of the Silent Naga. He obey every command from Guladegula, Every times he meet the person, He call him "Stranger". And after he know that person's name, he says "Nice to meet you, Stranger".

Ability CardEdit

  • Dragon Tornado: Adds 600 Gs to Helixopter Dragonoid
  • Hummer: Increase his speed by 50%

Fusion AbilityEdit

  • Phantom Orion Helixopter Dragonoid: If you performs an action, double all Helixopter Dragonoid's Power Level


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