Just give the command, and they're scrap!


Headshot using Chest Missile
Type Pyrus Dartaak
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 677 G
Variations Dartaak
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear None
Themes Happiness Machine
Main Adversary {{{Main Adversary}}}

Headshot (also known as Heatshot or Deadshot) is a Pyrus Dartaak, and SaberX's secondary Pyrus Guardian Bakugan.


Headshot is a cunning Bakugan, who aims for a Bakugan's weakest points. He mostly enjoys aiming for their heads. His desire for 'delivering headshots' is almost as big as his desire to win. He can't stand battling without 'delivering a headshot'.


Headshot isn't a 'look before you leap' type of Bakugan. He'd rather jump in, and shoot an enemy, than pay attention first. He is criticized for this, by others. Though his main companion, Frag doesn't seem to mind. He always wants to beat someone to the punch, and rub it in when he does.


Notable Quotes

  • "Haha, gotcha!"
  • "Alright, headshot!"
  • "C'mon, I promise it'll only hurt A LOT!"
  • "Really, I didn't feel a thing."

Ability Cards

  • Fire Lock: The opponent loses 500 Gs.
  • Chest Missile:
  • Armored Bomb: If Headshot loses the battle, his opponents also lose.
  • Burning Steel: Headshot gains 500 Gs.
  • Armor Barrier: Nullifies the opponents Ability Card.
  • Card Lock (Hard Lock): The opponent can not use Ability Cards, for the rest of their turn.
  • Chaotic Missile Flare:


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