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Stone Strikeflier
Type Haos BakuCamo Strikeflier
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 700 G
Variations Strikeflier
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear Battle Turbine
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Hawk is a Haos Stealth (BakuCamo) Strikerflier. He usually Tag-teams with Dove.



Despite working as a duo, Hawk and Dove share radically differing methods and attitudes towards violence. Hawk has a warlike spirit; he believes that aggression is the only, and best, way to settle disputes, whereas his "sister" is more pacifism driven. This attitude is also reflected in Hawk's fighting style, which is more offensive and aggressive, resorting to brute-force, whereas Dove uses more defensive techniques. Hawk also views Dove as the weaker of the pair, but as a result, this made him very protective of her.

When Dove is hurt, he becomes dangerous with a wanton disregard for anything, or anyone, else. He's he is quick to anger, and values Dove's life over anyone else's.


Ability Cards

  • Multi-Cam Effect (Invisia Effect): Hawk and any other Bakugan on your side turn invisible to the opponent's attacks, for two turns.
  • Helix Buster:
  • Chaotic Aura:



  • Hawk is based off of the DC Comics hero, Hawk.

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