Take it, BITCH!

Halo, Various episodes

290px-461px-CoolGray Dharak
Type Haos Evil (Good) Twin Dharak
First appearance The Gift of Light
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 896 (BD) G
900 (RP) G
Variations Dharak
Phantom Dharak
Brawler LordMagma
Battle Gear Silver Boomix
Themes Stand Up
Main Adversary Whitewolf

Halo was LordMagma's Guardian Bakugan on Bakugan Dimensions.


He is from the same lineage as Drago, and has inherited the DNA of the biological makeup of one of the two Ancient Bakugan (Dharaknoid). He projects a Light energy blast from his mouth to devastate his opponents. He is a Dharak similar to that of Emperor Barodious', only more powerful and is Haos.


Halo is a laid-back Bakugan, cool and calm under pressure in situations. He is known to have two passions: brawling and music. Though secretly, Halo is worried that because of his lineage, he will one day turn to the side of evil. Despite that, he is full of good intentions and is a strong and fast fighter.

Notable Quotes

  • "Oh shit, I just had to ask."
  • "Take it, BITCH!"
  • "I don't know why it says "Evil Twin", I'm cleary his better half."
  • "Ha, I would say 'don't make me laugh', but it's too late!"
  • "I'll tell you now, I'm the one to survive."
  • "You'll never break my faith or my stride, he says. Well look at him now!"


Ability Cards

  • Thunder Probe:
  • Darkness Glow:
  • Westwall Shield:
  • Exodus Waver:
  • High Skewed Waver:
  • Darkness Waver:
  • Evo Blast (Evil Blow):
  • Magna Revolver:
  • Ultimate Sabre:


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