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You're still trying to defeat me? And here I'd have thought of you to be stronger. You're more pathetic than I thought.


Hailstorm Brine Mentus

Hailstorm Human


Debut TBA
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
Current Age 15 (physically)
VB {{{VB}}}
Variations Unknown
G-Power 1150 G
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
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Status Alive
Battle Data
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Mechtogan Titan
Close Relationships
Main Allies
Main Adversaries Renock

Hailstorm (Full name: Hailstorm Brine Mentus) is an Aquos Spyron belonging to Icefern.


Hailstorm has incredible agility and strategic attacks. With four wings four aerial combat, Hailstorm may ambush his opponents whenever a storm is about to occur.


Hailstorm is a merciless force to be reckoned with. He rarely shows his emotions towards anyone.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Hailing Torment- All of the opponent's Bakugan return to their base level and cannot use MechFrames, Mechtogan Titans, Mechtogan, and abilities for five turns.
  • Riptide Slate- The opponent cannot use abilities for five turns, and Hailstorm gains 400 Gs each turn until this ability loses it's effect.
  • Anaklusmos Deceit- No support pieces may be used, and any ability that affects Hailstorm's G-Power cannot be used.

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