Gun Acer

Gun Acer is the home planet of Ricileon Orochimaru.


Gun Acer is bright red with black rocks and craters. It used to be a thriving planet that had powerful families and demons.

They were all ultimatley wiped out by none other than Ricileon Orochimaru. She is the only Gun Acern left in the universe.


Gun Acer's culture is tortuous and grueling. Most Gun Acerns are sadistic, cruel, and ill-mannered. Many battles and wars broke out with other planets. In order to become a warrior students of a warrior academy must kill one another to graduate. This was stopped when Sawatar accidentily killed over sixty students.


Gun Acer still is is the Cosmos, but is a barren wasteland. Ricileon uses it to train with Dekku, Sumbato, and Mujika.



Gun Acer's atmosphere is 10% Carbon Dioxide, 89% Oxygen, and 1% Helium.

Life Span Expectance:Edit

Due to the vigorous training, wars, and battles the life expectence is only 40 to 50 years if they were lucky.


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