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You claim you are the ultimate.... But could you back it up? LET'S TAKE THIS DOWN TO TARTARUS!


Tartaronian Glaedr
Debut TBA
Pilot Torment
Signature Weapon Unnamed Blaster
Gender Male
Generation 3rd
G-Power 2500 G
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Attribute Tartaronian symbol Tartaronian Pyrus
Rivals Unknown
Production # Unknown
Title Stalker of the Skies

Glaedr is the custom MechFrame of Torment.


With unmatched aerial skills, Glaedr is rarely defeated in aerial combat. Mainly designed for combat, he would use his blaster to send them pummeling towards the ground.


Glaedr is normally hot-headed and is known to sometimes be defiant. He commonly uses a barbed tongue towards anyone.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Metal Meltdown- 700 Gs is transferred from the opponent to Glaedr.
  • Mortar Glare- 200 Gs is transferred from each opponent to Glaedr.
  • Shades of Crimson- Glaedr becomes the attribute of the opponent's Bakugan and gains 500 Gs.

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