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Backs to the wall. No where to go, but up!

Gill about to grab unto Talon

Now THIS is my kind of scenery!

Gill in an underwater battle

Gill using Tidal Surge
Type Aquos Akwimos
First appearance Last One Standing
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 680 G
Variations Akwimos
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear Vicer
Themes Pull The Curtain
Main Adversary Drench

Gill (also known as Gillz) is an Aquos Akwimos, that belongs to SaberX.


Gill can create attacks using water energy balls. When his claws are tucked under both of his hands, he can nullify the powers of the Gate Card. He has little water jets on his waist. His friends may say he is very comical and funny, but if it comes to an underwater battle no one can beat him.


Gill has a strong tendency of laughing out loud maniacally and sticking his tongue out. He enjoys fighting and dislikes weak people. He also appears to have a perverted side, though he is condemed for his by Sythe, and Shiroi. Gill holds great respect towards Igneel. He considers him to be amazing, because he is able to protect his friends. He was willing to turn against Cyborg Dragonoid on Igneel's command, when Cyborg Dragonoid, apparently went on a rampage.


Gill first appeared in the season 3 episode Last One Standing, where he and SaberX aid CasperCanis and Firestormblaze in a brawl against Hunter, Loyalty, and Firestone.

Ability Cards

  • Breaking Wave:
  • Crashing Surf:
  • Flowing Surf:
  • Rushing River:
  • Waterfall:
  • Wall of Water:
  • Tidal Surge:


  • His name was originally going to be Drench, but LordMagma's Phosphos took the name, before him.


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