Gigathon! I have finally found you! Now this time, you scourage, you won't get away from me, your jailer!

Wyverx being enraged at Gigathon

Giga to the Max
Season {{{season}}}
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By A Hero Awakes
Followed By TBA

Giga to the Max is episode 2 of The Wyverx Chronicles.


Wyverx comes out of a portal from the Doom Dimension just in time to assist Dan, Valentin, Drago, and Leonidas in defeating Gigathon. Gigathon is shocked to see Wyverx, who reveals that he is Gigathon's "jailer". The Mechtogan then blasts Wyverx into the crowd of screaming and frightened spectators, though he and the crowd are saved by Leonidas. Drago sends a barrage of blasts at Gigathon, but they have no effect. As the battle rages on, the heroes and the rogue Mechtogan are tied. That is, until Gigathon increases his the max.

Meanwhile, in a dark throne room, a man with a skull mask and red gleaming eyes is monitoring the battle via satellite, cackling in glee as the heroes begin to lose.


Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

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