Ghost Theta
Ghost Theta
Debut TBA
Used By DGK
Gender Male
Variations None
G-Power 500 G
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus

20px-HaosIcon Haos

Theme Song Who We Are
Main Adversaries None
Main Allies Painful Agony


Other Enemies None
Other Allies Dark Blade


Close Relationships DGK
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame None
Fighting Style Ghost
Title Ghost Trap
Status Ghost


He is DGK's Trap Bakugan.


He's loyal to DGK and will serve him until the end.


He has been with Agony and Mercy for as long as he can remember.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Black Lighting: Transfers 600 Gs from opponent to Ghost Theta.
  • Dark Whirlpool: Prevents each opponent from activating abilities.
  • Silent Evil: Nullifies all abilities played by opponent.
  • Phantom Death: Transfers 400 Gs from each opponent to Ghost Theta.
  • Storm Wave: Removes 3 Abilities from play the chosen abilities have no effect for the rest of the Brawl. This ability cannot be countered by using Abilities, Gate Card, or Support Pieces. This ability can only be used once per Brawl.
  • Spirit’s Blood: Allows Ghost Theta to copy 2 of Abilities from any Bakugan or Support Piece in the Battle.
  • Silent Shield: Reflects the opponent’s ability back to them.
  • Gate Confusion: Switches the opponent’s Gate Card to one of your own.
  • Echoed Silence: Nullifies ability and subtracts 300 Gs from opponent.
  • Suffering Pain: Switches the combined G-power of opponent’s Bakugan(s) and Support Piece(s) with Ghost Theta’s current G-power.
  • Spirit Shadowing: Ghost Theta overshadows any of the opponent’s Support Piece its G-power is combined with Ghost Theta’s current G-power and the chosen Support Piece is now in control (Including the Support Piece’s Abilities.) of the owner of Ghost Theta. This ability can only be nullified by defeating the overshadowed Support Piece. Also this Ability cannot be countered by using Abilities, or Support Pieces. If the overshadowed Support Piece is defeated it and Ghost Theta are removed from the round. This Ability can only be used once per Brawl.
  • Disturbed Spirit: (Spirit Shadowing must be activated first.) Allows Ghost Theta to use his Abilities through the Overshadowed Support Piece in any Attribute.
  • Ghost of Agony and Mercy: Opponent cannot activate any ability with the word "counter" in it. If the opponent counters or copies this ability in any way they automatically lose the round no matter the circumstances. This ability can be used by Painful Agony, Mercy, and Ghost Theta.
  • Ghost Trident: Subtracts 700 Gs from each opponent. 
  • Undead Spirit: Brings back a defeated Bakugan back into the battle. This ability can only be nullified by defeating the chosen Bakugan.
  • Ghost Guidance: If Ghost Theta is with either Painful Agony or Mercy on the field Ghost Theta's abilities and gate card cannot be countered until Painful Agony or Mercy is defeated. (This ability card can only be activated when Painful Agony or Mercy and Ghost Theta is on the field.)

Gate CardsEdit

  • Spirit's Trap: Returns all Bakugan to their original owners until Ghost Theta is the only Bakugan on the field, the round ends in a tie. This Gate Card cannot be countered.

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