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Fusion Turbine

Turbine Human Form


Debut TBA
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
Current Age Unknown
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Variations Pyrus Turbine Dragonoid

Pyrus Helix Dragonoid

Pyrus Battalix Dragonoid

G-Power 970 G
Attribute MagmiusSubterra Magmius Subterra
Status Alive
Battle Data
Fighting Style
Mechtogan Gygas (RP)
Mechtogan Titan Lynk
Close Relationships
Main Allies
Main Adversaries Leonidas



Turbine is often misunderstood. However, he is actually very calm.



Ever since they met, they often had disputes. Leonidas and Turbine both share the same grudge towards each other.


  • Quakix Silencer- Nullifies any ability activated by the opponent and disables any abilities to be used for five rounds. Can only be used once per brawl.
  • Fusion Quaker- Transfers 450 Gs from the opponent to Fusion Turbine and nullifies an ability.
  • Silenced Tremor- Nullifies an ability and prevents any from being activated for four rounds.
  • Stone Smasher- Destroys the activated gate and gains 650 Gs.
  • Molten Rock- Nullifies the three most recently activated abilities and transfers 800 Gs from opponent to Fusion Turbine.
  • Earth Resolve- Transfers 850 Gs from the opponent(s) to Fusion Turbine.
  • Insanity Shift- The opponent's attribute becomes the opposite (IE: Pyrus for Aquos, Ventus for Subterra, Darkus for Haos), and every ability activated by them will have the opposite effect. This ability cannot be countered.


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