Portrayer FusionGirl09
Physical description
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Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Allies Bendo, more...
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Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
20px-HaosIcon Haos
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Spyron
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Current level: No Level

Fuse is a Darkus and Haos Brawler, and Bendo's younger sister.


Fuse is generally kind, and prefers to battle fairly if at all possible, with her Guardian Bakugan Eclipse. She shares Con with Bendo. She generally isn't as much of a warrior as Bendo is, and prefers to keep things peaceful. This leads to her and Phos not getting along well at all, which usually brings Con into the action.


Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Some of us are actually more mature than he is."
  • "Butt out Hydra, this isn't none of your business."
  • "Come on guys! Can't we work this out like civilized people?!"

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Gate CardsEdit



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