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Let's melt them down, into the scrap they were meant to be!

Frag to Headshot, Who Can You Trust?

Type Ventus Dartaak
First appearance From Bad, to Worse
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Power 700 G
Variations Dartaak
Brawler SaberX
Battle Gear None
Themes Bang Bang Have A Nice Dream
Main Adversary Shell Shock
Frag is a Ventus Dartaak, who belongs to SaberX.


Frag is a Ventus Dartaak, who can shoot missiles as quick as the wind. He hits his opponents strong, and hard in battle. His brute force requires strategy, so he teams up with Talon, for most Ventus battles. Otherwise he prefers to tag with Headshot.


Frag is an aggressive, and arrogant Bakugan that loves to blow things up. He is possibly psychotic, but that has not been confirmed. He is slightly perverted, and suggests inappropriate things, to Saber and his friends. Frag seems not to mind Headshot's ignorance, as they like the rest of SaberX's Bakugan, are bonded tight like family.


Ablity Cards

  • Faded Wind: The battle is restarted. (This ability can only be used once per battle)
  • Hot Air: Any Pyrus Bakugan, may join the battle.
  • Calapse Field: Transfers the opponents current G-Power to Frag.
  • Air Field: Ventus Bakugan's G-Power double.
  • Rocket Shower: Frag gains 600 Gs.
  • Blow Back: The opponents Ability Cards are negated, and they go back to base level.

Fusion Ability Cards

  • North Shadow: Frag is switched to Darkus.
  • Shadow Inforcer: Darkus Bakugan gain 600 Gs.



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