Forgiven but not Forgotten
Manga Blaze
Season 2
Episode Number 17
Preceeded By Dual of The Damned
Followed By Thrill of The Hunt


After the crushing defeat of Firestormblaze, he went into a transformation. He was more insane than usual, less immature. Blaze was later confronted by Rayne, leader of Attribute United, the group Airzel, was apart of. He told Blaze straight to his face how he was insulted, and if he did it again it wouldn't go down, as easy. Blaze laughed insanely in his face, and went on as he did. He still had the same haters, but some started to see the good in him. Like Kyleronco. While Blaze went to train, Kyleronco saw him, and went to say hey. Now that the two were on better terms. Kyle had forgave him, for what he did to Airzel. They then became friends. Blaze continued to train, to beat Airzel. He used him as motivation. To beat Airzel, at least once is all he wanted. He trained and trained until he could no more. When he could no longer do so, he went home. There he sat at home and watched some Tv. He couldn't wait to get back out, and battle again. But until then, he would rest.


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  • This episode like most were taken from FSB's BD experience, but half of it, came from here.

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