Wazzaup Party People? I'm Flare and I'm here to pump up the jamz yo!


Pyrus InfinityTrister
Type Pyrus Infinity Tristar
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 416 G
Variations Infinity Trister
Brawler Nuzamaki90
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Agile and fluid in his movements, Flare combines speed with the mystery of his stealth mode to confuse opponents. Extra powers unique to Flare provide a defense shield which nullifies his opponent's ability in battle.


Flare is a very fun-loving Bakugan. He used to be a streetdancer in Bayview which is why he always uses slang when he talks and has a gangster-like accent. He can seem very arrogant at times especially against opponent's obviously stronger than him. After losing to InevitableDoom, he realized that he will need to train in order to be successful and he can't always try to do whatever he pleases. Once he gets his training going, he becomes a very strong Bakugan and started a Brawling style similar to his teacher, the Haos Knight. Whenever he brawls, he dances to use his moves. At some points, he even spits a few rhymes just to throw off his opponents. Even so, he is still a smart Bakugan that knows his limits and cares deeply for his partner, Nuzamaki90.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Come at me bro!"
  • "Haters gonna hate, I demolished this guy with my epic dance signature: The Infinity Flare Shuffle!"


Flare's background is a very weird one. He was formally a street dancer in Bayview but once he entered Interspace, he didn't notice that Bakugan Dimensions was going through a system update and was fused with the dna of Marucho's partner, Infinity Trister. Due to his blazing passion for dancing, he came out a Pyrus Bakugan with extremely good breakdancing abilities. He met Nuzamaki90 exactly 5 hours after his transformation, with Nuza promising him to change him back to normal. After feeling the Brawling effect, he grew a bond with Nuza and became the Haos Knight's apprentice. Once he was able to summon a Mechtogan, he thought Brawling was almost as fun as dancing and decided to stay a Bakugan for good. After he died when Nuzamaki90 was deleted from the servers from a Admin's false accusation, he continued to train with the rest of Nuza's partners in the afterlife. Once Nuzamaki90 was revived as FinalNeos, he was given a second chance to live by GMThunder disguised as The Mantle. When Bakugan Dimensions closed down for the final time, Flare, Nuza, and the rest of the gang made a final farewell in Interspace, 3 minutes later, BD closed down and they were all deleted from the servers. He is currently training with Sonic in the afterlife.

Ability CardsEdit


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