Firestormblaze and Rose
Anime-Blaze and Rose kissing
Chronological Information
Male Firestormblaze
Female Rose
Male Age 15
Female Age 16/17
First Appearance Legion of Doom
Theme Just The Girl
Current Status: Together


Rose seemed to be attracted to Blaze when first meeting. The two first re-meet each other in the episode "Legion of Doom", when Blaze re-connected with the Doom Crew. When the two were introduced to each other, they instantly connected. Un-aware of Blaze's memory loss, Rose tried to kiss Blaze.

He then replied, "What ! Hey, your hot and all, but I don't know you." Rose then realized that he was suffering from amnesia. Afterwards, Doom showed Blaze to his old room, (It was just as he left it) he bumped into Rose. From then on they had an awkward relationship.

In the episode "Flashback", Blaze would often get flash backs, and pieces of memories of his past with Rose. He then told her, about the flash backs. Saying that they were together once, and he wanted it to be that way again. At that momment they went on together as a couple.