Firestormblaze and Isabrat
2011-11-16 2039
Chronological Information
Male Firestormblaze
Female Isabrat
Male Age 14
Female Age 14
First Appearance Love At First Sight?
Theme Bang Bang
Current Status: Broken Up


Isabrat and Firestormblaze dated for two to four months. Their relationship first began when Isabrat asked Blaze out, at a Bakugan tournament (most likely because he was the most powerful brawler there). Blaze couldn't deny. They began to go out on the town, particularly the Rose Garden, and Shopping District. They never fought, or even a little spat. Being with her made Blaze change though. He was less, sarcastic, sadistic, and perverted. Then there came a time when they didn't see each other for a while. You could call it, a long distance relationship, or taking a break. Then Isabrat's friend, Nyxie, came along. She asked if they were still dating. When Blaze said yes, she took him to see her again. Then a month later, Isabrat asked to talk to Blaze in the rose garden, in the woods. She tried to let him down easy, with the, "Can we just be friends", routine. Blaze had no problem with it, in any way. He went on as his regular sarcastic, sadistic, perverted, insane, self.


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