In your dreams Dragon

—Fire Slynix

Fire Slynix
Pyrus Slynix
Type Mutated Slynix
First appearance Mechtogan Battle
Gender Male
Attribute Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus
Power 3500 Gs
Variations Fire Dreadeon Titan
Brawler none
Battle Gear Copper Shoxrox, Silver Orehammer
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Main Adversary Wiltshire, Aquos's Silent Strike, Blaze's Venexus Titan
Fire Slynix is Fire Ingram's Mechtogan.


Fire Slynix is an imposing Mechtogan. Vicious long spikes shoot out from his hands, making him a dangerous opponent at close quarters. Reinforced vertical shoulder armor opens to reveal devastating weaponry. Fire Slynix lowers his single horned head into optimal fighting position once he's fully armed and ready to attack.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "You suck at brawling I wanna fight your Master AOH!"
  • "You're weak!"
  • "Killing is my talent, deal with it"
  • "Shut the hell up"

History Edit

He defeated Dragon, Storm and Wiltshire upon debuting.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Mega Laser: Adds 600 Gs to Slynix
  • Temple Blades: Subtarcts 1000 Gs from each apponent
  • Hurricane Trasher: Wipes out the apponent's ability
  • Cone Shooter: Slynix gains 200 Gs each time his apponent attacks
  • Bolting Twister: Adds 9000 Gs to Slynix


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