FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid

FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid

FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid is a Fusion Bakugan made up of Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid and Ventus Hawktor. It first appears Tag Team Fusion when Brawley X Masterz and Ventus Phantom both used the Super Fusion Ability to fuse their Bakugan into FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid. It has abilities of Pyrus and Ventus. This Bakugan is incredibly powerful. It is powerful enough to defeat several Bakugan without even using an Ability Card. One of his Battle Gears used is called ExploFlamer.

Other FormsEdit

FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid DuoEdit

When Drago and Hawktor evolved into Blitz Dragonoid and Tornado Hawktor, they were no longer compatable to fuse, at least with the old Super Fusion Ability. Masterz and Phantom brawled a Gundalian scientist named Felyx Murph to awaken their new power. Their new power created the Super Fusion Ability FireStorm Fusion II, giving birth to FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid Duo.

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