Faze Knight is a mysterious Darkus Brawler, the main antagonist of season 2 of Bakugan: Dimensions Surge, and the current leader of the Zeal Brawlers.


Above all else, Faze is a highly intelligent individual, one who is virtually incapable of stopping himself from thinking. His mind is constantly active, running through myriad possibilities and plans on a regular basis. He possesses a genius intellect and is very capable in using it when it comes to forming and implementing strategies, whether they are military or personal in nature, and even when acting on the spur-of-the-moment. Because of this, he is also a good liar. Mentally speaking, he is stubborn and strong. Physically speaking, he is tough and versatile. He is a master of speed and endurance when in full power, but when he's not, he isn't very powerful.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "To die or be killed, that is the question"
  • "I'm the strongest brawler to ever step on this disgusting surface you call land. ask a damn decent question for once"
  • "My professor once called me a supercomputer living in a humans body"
  • "An overlord that will break free to rule his kingdom"
  • "Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you even think of giving me such a shameful looking edible creature you call a fruity dinosaur?"
  • "What in god's name are these "orange pouches" and how do I get my hand's on them?"

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fusing - Faze has the unique power to combine his body with any living or non-living thing.
  • Dimension Creator- Faze has the unique power to create his own dimension/universe/planet as long as he has enough power builded up.
  • Special Shot Release - Faze can use his BakuTech Bakugan's Special Shot ability to create special armor and/or weaponry, and sometimes even special power.
  • Sword of Zeksu - Faze has the unique power to combine all his strength with his partner Bakugan and his Mechtogan, Zeksu, to create an incredibly strong body along with a dark sword strapped with chains that repersent the bond of the 3.



  • Darkus Destroy Munikis (No longer)
  • Darkus Zero Munikis (Evolved)
  • Darkus Volt Elezoid
  • Darkus Cyclone Percival
  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid


  • Darkus Zeksu (No Longer)
  • Darkus Zero Zeksu (Evolved)


  • Mangekyo Eye
  • Sword of Zeksu


  • Nuzamaki90/FinalNeos - Unknown to everyone except him, Neos, and Dr. Zeal/GMRain, Faze and Neos are actually long lost brothers.


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