What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by justice? Do you stain your hands with evil so as to destroy evil? Or do you uphold your justice even if you must surrender to evil? [...]In my case, I commit evil in order to destroy the greater evil!

Faviola, Divided We Fall Part 3

" Scream Queen "
Portrayer ZelennaFaviola
Physical description
Age 15 (Season 1)
16 (Season 2-3)
Gender Female
Hair color Brown [Black BD]
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Personal information
Allies Angelus Lapis, Masters, Ventus Apprentice, Ventus Phantom, Aides, more...
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Dharak
Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases Fave
Affiliation The Sacred 7 (Formerly)
First Appearance A New Beginning
Themes Over U
Current level: 845
Zelenna "Faviola" Del la Rosas, or Fave for short, is a Darkus Brawler, and former member of The Sacred 7. She likes to talk a lot which can be a little annoying to people like Masterz because he likes it to be silent. She's an incredible flirt due to her being European in which she claims her behavior is normal there. Though she likes everyone to get along, she won't forgive something that was done to her. She doesn't like people picking on kids that are weaker then them though she will pick on people who are mean.


Faviola is a very sociable, and always has to have someone to talk to or else she would freak out. She is a highly stubborn person, and always gets what she wants.

When people try to resist her influence, she would often pout until that person gave in. It usually worked on people like Eclipse, Aides, and to a lesser extent. Masters.

She is also bipolar and intolerable if she is upset. Her career choices had varied from terrorist and dictator thus make her insane in a "normal" person perespective.

If something bad is done to her, she will not rest until she has made you pay for it, and she never gives up easily.

Characteristics Edit

Faviola is being taught how be to a Darkus/Ventus brawler by Masters. She is fond of Masters, Angel, and Aides, but can't stand Phantom, or Blaze. Fave is very random but also confuses people in anything. She was apart of teams, The Sacred 7, and is currently apart of the B.E.C.B. Her position on the team is to interrogate, and torture if necessary. She loves to play truth or dare.


Though Faviola is goth she refuses to wear all black clothing, she likes to wear what's in style at the time. She has long black hair with grey eyes. Though she lives on beach territory Faviola has a very pale complexion and even got voted by her classmates most likely to be vampire.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Angel's not gay silly, he went out with me, remember ?"
  • "Calling me 'hot' in front of my boy friend, not very smart."


Early LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She capable of fighting Masters when he is armed with his swords, despite not wearing any sort of armor.



Faviola is a pure, darkus brawler.

  • Darkus Dharak
  • Darkus Clawsaurus
  • Darkus Rubanoid


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Angelus LapisEdit

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Faviola was the last female darkus member of the Sacred 7. She joined only because she fell for Angel and wanted to get to know him more. Due to Angel being to blond to take a hint, she went out with Masters, the current male pyrus brawler on the Sacred 7. After Angel realized how she felt for him, the 2 went out. There relationship was the start of the ending of the team.


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Ventus PhantomEdit

Ventus Phantom is Masterz best friend who Faviola had to stand because she was dating him. Ventus contantly makes Fave aggravated because he messes with her head. It takes all her will not to sufficate him in his sleep.


Phoenix7 was one the first people Faviola met on dimensions. Phoenix7 fell in love with Fave when he first met her but after much rejection, finally gave up on a relationship romantically with her. He settle with just being her little brother. Though Fave didn't like Phoenix7 in "loving" him in that way, she still cared for him deeply and even set him up with her other little sis (through adoption), Kagome10.





Littleseed and Faviola had a calm mutual relationship until she started dating Angelus Lapis. Angel and Seed had a close relationship because they were the main leaders of The Sacred 7. When Fave and Angel begun dating, Angel spent all is time with Fave and no longer hung out with Seed. Seed upset, confronted Angelus and rumors spread to him that Seed was waging war against Faviola. Faviola was away on a 2 month vacation and had no idea what was happening in Dimensions.


Paradise LostEdit


Ventus ApprenticeEdit




Faviola met DarkusWolf28 when she was dating Apoclyspe. Due to the fact that Eclipse wasn't paying much attention to Fave because of his constant love for training, she looked for entertainment else where and join Darkuswolf28 Gundalia Resistance team. Faviola not aware that this was a Gundalia team joined. Upon finding out she tried to quit peacefully but instead got yelled at by her. Faviola held a grudge until a few months before Dimensions ended.




Special AbilitiesEdit