He might just look like some goop to you, but he is really a tornado that will blow you down!

—Blazewind referring to Nastix, as most people underestimate his power.

Ventus Nastix
Type Ventus Nastix
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender None (referred as a male)
Attribute Ventus
Power 600
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Brawler Blazewind (formerly MasterOfFire)
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Faust is a Ventus Bakugan given to, and named by Blazewind. His former brawler was MasterOfFire.


Faust is a slime-like Bakugan. He can change into different types of shapes. He can loop around his opponents to squeezes the opponent to leave them weak.


He doesn't have much of a personality, and doesn't usually talk. He normally makes animal-like hisses and roars. He usually follows what his owner says and never lets his guard down.


Ability CardsEdit


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