Farewell Dregsus
Dregsus Dead
Season 1
Episode Number 6
Preceeded By Murder of the King
Followed By Xebrexia's Strike

A huge, muscular black arm grabbed Dregsus by the neck. It trapped Dregsus. “Dregsus.. I don't want to do this... please repent.” Xebrexia's voice, same in his monster form. Dregsus continued his growl. “When were you such a missioner? You speak little to no sense... Why do you want to save the universe anyway? We've been under worse circumstances...”. Xebrexia sighed and grabbed Dregsus by his other arms and tossed him down on the lake like a pebble thrown on a beach. “Is this necessary Dregsus? Think about it! It's not our fault our kings were assholes... who ever was the first king shouldn't have been king at all... Vestroia is pretty much the reason why we're standing together, or you just don't read history at all.” Xebrexia flew up. Dregsus gave him a deadly glare, “They are all dead! Gone! Done! Who cares! King's orders are orders!” He yelled. “And so is Hakre... why do you need to follow him?”

Dregsus laughed madly and was aiming at him uncontrollably. Xebrexia kept on telling Dregsus and fought for a while. No matter how hard he tried, Dregsus neglected. Xebrexia gave a strong sigh of despair “I'm sorry, Dregsus... Hope you have a better life in the afterlife...” Xebrexia got his huge sword, which had more little blades on its edges. As Dregsus aimlessly charged at Xebrexia, the sword went through him. Blood was gushing like a waterfall. Xebrexia let go of the sword. Dregsus turned into his normal form and collapsed. He was gasping with extreme difficulty. Xebrexia went to his normal form as well.

Xebrexia bowed in respect, like the men did at the funeral of the King. It started to rain. Xebrexia quickly buried him and put a rock as a tombstone. He engraved Dregsus's name on the stone with the sword he was stabbed with. He then sheathed it upon Dregsus's burial place. “I'm very sorry...Dregsus... may you have a peaceful after life... Forgive me, and even if you don't, I shall seek it.” Xebrexia then ran away.

After a few days later Dregsus was found dead by Kraemah. “....Dregsus?” His eyes are starting to get watery. “Xebrexia... YOU WILL PAY!”

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