Family of Fire
Growing storm
Born of Flames
Main Attribute(s) 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
First appearance TBA
Leader Firestormblaze
Second-In-Command LordMagma
Headquarters Crimson Palace
G-Power Range 300 - 1200 G
# of Brawler(s) Unknown
Preferred Weaponry Mechtogan
Battle Gear
Theme(s) Karura's Flame
Main Adversaries
Status Unknown



Secondary MembersEdit

  • ForestFire - ForestFire is a Pyrus brawler.
  • Preventer - Preventer is a Pyrus brawler, and ally of the FOF.
  • Firestone - Was once an enemy of the FOF, but joined them in the end.
  • FlowerBlaze - An ally to the FOF.
  • Avian14 - An ally to the FOF and a good friend of Firestormblaze.
  • BrawlerSweetness - A friend of Firestormblaze, from before Bakugan.


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