Attribute Silver, Copper, Gold
Power 200 Gs
Variations none
Brawler (it is used by a Bakugan instead) Fire Ingram and Lightning Ingram
Explozeka is the Battle Gear of the Fire Army's leader Ingram.

Information Edit

Fire Ingram will swipe his Shoxrox, to shoot out a huge cannon, which will attach to his back. Ingram pulverises his enemies using the Battle Gear: Explozeka.

History Edit

It will debut in the Christmas Eve special.

Ability Cards (Arc 1):

  • Goliath Explosion: Adds 300 Gs to Explozeka
  • Glider Explozeka: Disables all Pyrus Mechtogan except Slynix and Dreadeon Titan
  • Flame Wind Cannon: Disables the apponent from activating abilities
  • Goliath Hurricane: Adds 500 Gs to Explozeka
  • Ventus Explozeka: Transfers 500 Gs from all it's apponent's power levels to it's allies

​Ability Cards (Arc 2):

  • Mutated Blast
  • Explozeka Glaze
  • Hurricane Rush

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