We are the Exodus Syndicate. We risk our lives in battle, and take yours as well.


Exodus Syndicate
Screen Shot 2012-01-14 at 6.07.48 PM
Main Attribute(s) 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
20px-HaosIcon Haos
21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
20px-AquosIcon Aquos
21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
First appearance TBA
Leader Pyro
General Typhoon
Headquarters Unknown
G-Power Range 650 - 1500 G
Brawler(s) Firestormblaze
Preferred Weaponry Mechtogan
Battle Gear
Theme(s) Lightning Flash Poem
Main Adversaries TBA
Status Active

The Exodus Syndicate is a group of Bakugan used by Firestormblaze.


The Exodus Syndicate consists of twenty nine Bakugan: Agni, Apollo Krakix, Ares, Arngrim, Chancer, Ciel, Dusk, Fang, Fusion Striker, Geshumaru, Horror, Jackal, Light Serpent, Loki, Nocturne, Obsidian Knight, Oceanus, Phoenix Flash Ingram, Plutus, Pyro, Ra, Razor, Rebellion, Rick Roll, Rōnin, S.G., Scath, Stunner, Tetra, Typhoon, and Whitewolf. These twenty nine Bakugan have the goal of bring the world of Bakugan to it's knees. Do to Aries, and Loki's mischief. Pyro leads the team do to Storm's absence, and Typhoon is the commander.

The Syndicate has been formed by Ares, and Loki's manipulation; and has brought a force of rage, and hatred among their brawler and fellow Bakugan, which have caused them to have an urge for destruction of the Bakugan race.



Pyro leads this team of weaponized Bakugan. Using his speed and reflexes in a combination with his offensive abilities and defensive skills he can easily defeat any opponent.

Phoenix Flash Ingram

Phoenix is a vet. when it comes to brawling. He's been through many evolutions, and is a weapons expert. Now being consumed by rage, and an urge for destruction he without patience, empathy, or cause.


Plutus is even more psychotic than anyone thought possible. They don't care for anyone but themselves. They don't even care for each other. They often blame each other for trivial matters, and mistakes they each make. This doesn't stop them from winning, when everything is on the line.





Fusion Striker

The third most powerful member of the team, Fusion Striker has the power of the evolutionary Dragonoid line! He can keep up with ANY opponent's attacks, and even dish it out.


Fang is a loyal soldier who will do anything for the spot light. He'll trash his opponent, and his allies, just to be #1.


Oceanus is a manipulative Bakugan, who can confuse his opponent during battle. He is the teams strategist, alongside Typhoon, and S.G.


This raging wolf is no pup. He's a seriously sick dog, who's no where close to new in the game of Bakugan. He's been brawlin' since the Neathian-Gundalian war, and winning too!

Apollo Krakix

A peaceful Bakugan, who has vowed to use peace as a first resort, and violence as second. All that's pretty much gone out the window, now that Loki, and Ares have messed with his head.

Light Serpent

The Light Serpent is slippery opponent. He easily coils around and squeezes tightly to defeat his foe.


Ciel is a new-comer to Firestormblaze's team of Bakugan, but nonetheless he is a powerful adversary who is already feared among many Bakugan. His attacks do devastating damage; and if that wasn't enough his massive Slingpike enough to get the job done right.


A is an intimidating foe, who can take any challenge. He teams up with Rebellion for extra support.


This Bakugan packs a demonic punch, that can distort reality. Rebellion is not a Bakugan to be trifled with. He's truly demonic in nature, power, and origin. He's a mean and nasty Bakugan, straight from hell. He has no problem tearing away his enemies, no matter how powerful they claim to be.


Tierra is an unstoppable force. He can battle any Bakugan and win, until he meets the immovable object, and is forced to stop.



Tetra is a friendly Bakugan, now consumed by rage, hatred, and anger. Tetra is a very rude Bakugan. She will do anything it takes to win a battle. She cares for her safety, and hers alone. She expects her Mechtogan Nero to take all the shots meant for her in battle. When he refuses, she is forced to battle by herself.


With a massive wingspan, Typhoon releases an impressive aerial attack. A tall vertical skeleton combined with armored gauntlets on each wing allows this Sky Raider to leap into action and fire down on enemies from high above the battlefield.


In battle, Chancer is one of the most unpredictable battler, who leaves everything to luck and chance. Using his dice, he decides his opponent's fate.


Before Typhoon came along, S.G was calling the shots for all of Firestormblaze's Ventus Bakugan. He's taking a break from leading, and has decided to kick back, and take orders from someone else for once.

Rick Roll

A young Bakugan from Gundalia, and a bit of a prankster, Rick Roll is unmatched with surprise attacks that'll surprise even ninjas! He easily steamrolls over his opponent, blowing them way out of their league.




Obsidian Knight


Former Members

Main Weaponry/Mechtogan

  • Inferno - Main Mechtogan, used by Pyro
  • Phosphorus - Main Mechtogan, used by Apollo
  • Brax - Main Mechtogan, used by S.G.
  • Facklan - Secondary Mechtogan, used by Phoenix Flash Ingram
  • Juggernaut - Secondary Mechtogan, used by Ciel
  • Nero - Secondary Mechtogan, used by Loki and Tetra
  • Cyclonus - Secondary Mechtogan, used by Geshumaru
  • Monsoon - Secondary Mechtogan, used by Fusion Striker
  • Dragonoid Destroyer - Main Mechtogan Destroyer
  • Ventus Fortatron - Primary Battle Suit, used by Typhoon
  • Silver Boomix- Primary Battle Gear, used by Pyro
  • Copper Slingpike - Secondary BakuNano, used by Ciel


Main Members

Former Members


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