Execution of Kraemah
Execution of Kraemah
Season 1
Episode Number 10
Preceeded By The Battle starts!
Followed By Kraemah's Escape

Last chapter: Xebrexia landed on Earth and bumped into a girl named Blazewind by accident. Now they’ve made a partnership. Meanwhile with in the castle:

Kraemah was crucified with no mercy. All chained around. Constantly tortured by Hachiac, begging him “My lord! You’ll have a beautiful kingdom in peace! There’s no point in-ACKGH” Kraemah was kicked on the stomach.

“You’re saying the fathers should be left? What good is that?! The kingdom is nothing but a huge population of chess pieces. You move when I want you to move. You die when I want you to die. I decide your very fates.” Hachiac then got his knife and stabbed Kraemah, sending him flying and making him no choice but to fall. “Well, that should be enough. Now I’ll show you what I can do to a pawn like you!” Hachiac smirked. Aquinax then came out from the dark entrance door. “Take care of him will ya? I have plans.” Aquinax bowed. He then grabbed Kraemah by the collar, dragging him to his room.

“I’m giving you a moment to say your final words. I’m going to take you to the execution room later.” Aquinax’s ‘expression’ was sad, but rather, he was enjoying this. Kraemah stayed quiet until locked in his room. Kraemah was really devastated.

“I’ve lost. I’m sorry…”

An hour later Aquinax came back. “Alright. Into the slicer.” Aquinax’s expressions are always obvious even though he tries not to display them. If you are fooled easily, now you can tell Aquinax’s amusement.

Aquinax and Kraemah went to the execution room. Kraemah was set put in the middle of the room. Aquinax held the execution axe. He smirked and said “Farewell.”

Just before the axe could decapitate him, Kraemah went into a position quickly and as the axe struck down, it cut his chains, as well as a bit of his torso. Whaoof!” before Aquinax could say what, Kraemah smashed him onto the wall and ran as fast as he could. Hachiac entered hoping to see the event. He then only saw Aquinax all weared out. “What are you doing? Get him!” Aquinax tried to stand, but he failed. Hachiac then stomped on him. “You piece of shit! Can’t you do anything! If you don’t do anything I’ll have you executed too!”

Aquinax was stomped and stomped on. After a moment thinking about the way he was treated, he grabbed Hachiac’s leg and threw him.

“You spoiled brat… and your fucking spoiled fathers…” Aquinax said as he left the room and disappeared.

Hachiac seemed probably depressed for a second. Then he gave a chuckle. “heh, I don’t need trash in my castle anyway.”

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