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A storm has its time of destruction, until it must be snuffed out.

Everto to Procella

Debut {{{debut}}}
Pilot Scourge
Signature Weapon Heavy Bazooka
Gender Male
Generation 3
G-Power 2500 G
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Attribute Tartaronian symbol Tartaronian Pyrus
Rivals Rutilus Secter
Production # 049
Title {{{title}}}

The Everto unit is a specialized LB Akatsuki V3 designed for Scourge.


Everto is an extremely powerful MechFrame. Though originally designed as a soldier-type, it was completely remodeled and even fit for a long-range bazooka. This MechFrame is strong enough to dish out punishment on Rutilus Secter and come out without a dent.



Everto was originally designed back when Scourge was in the Letus Brigade, making it one of the first MechFrames ever built. It was upgraded multiple times until it was worthy of being called a Generation 3 MechFrame. After being given to Scourge for a test drive, he stole it when defecting from the Letus Brigade, and kept it in hiding while he gathered his forces to challenge the Tartaronian legion. Everto is now used as the main strike force of the RLB Faction, easily outclassing MechFrames like Procella.

Ability CardsEdit


  • Everto is the Latin translation for ruin.
  • Everto is the only MechFrame to have been able to resist Rutilus Secter's Mech Disturber system.


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