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Alright, do you prefer to be beaten and then burned to death, or burned to death and have your body go bye-bye?

Eques Firerak

I'll scratch you so badly you'll see your own insides.

Eques Firerak

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Eques Firerak is the evolution of the Tartaronian Farakspin Firerak belonging to Valentin.


Now far more powerful version, Eques Farakspin, of his original form, Firerak can fly even faster. In fact, he can fly so fast that when flying, he is almost invisible to the naked eye. He can also spit actual lava at opponents, causing them to have burns and the like. Firerak's eyes can now also be used to hypnotize opponents to do his bidding.


Now far more insane thanks to evolution, Firerak is extremely cunning and intelligent. Now his habit for playing crude jokes as increased, and he shows even less emotion than he did in his previous form. Despite these traits, he cares for his friends, but now prefers to work alone.


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