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The Emotional Trigger can be activated when any emotion a brawler has is shared with their Bakugan. It enhanced their abilities, but based on their emotion, it can make them sloppy or disfunctional. How it is used is up to the brawler, and their Bakugan partner. It can be used as a weakness or a strength. Each ability is unique to the brawler and Bakugan. Every power caused by the emotion is not the same. There are seven parts of emotional triggers.


The Rage Connection is when a brawler and their Bakugan join each other in a fit of rage.


The Agony Matrix can be activated usually as a last resort. It is when a brawler, and Bakugan feel so much pain that they become temporarily devoid of pain, and possibly their consciousness; as they become some-what invincible.

Tranquility Edit

The Tranquility Transfer can be activated between rounds. It is when a brawler and Bakugan feel nothing whatsoever about the battle that they become more strategic and defensive; Yet It can also make them feel nothing about the battle whatsoever, and be okay with whatever the outcome, even losing by not doing anything.

Confusion Edit

The Confused Chaos can be activated usually at the end of the round. It is when a brawler, and Bakugan feel extremely confused, and get stronger but hesitating at the same time. 

Nervousness Edit

The Nervous Neuron can be activated when both the Bakugan and its Brawler are in a state of extreme anxiety. It is potentially dangerous because it might cause the duo to lose control and be extra violent, or too scared to retain their battle.

Merriness Edit

The Merry Magical can be activated when both the Brawler and Bakugan are enjoying the current phase of battle in which they are in. It is when a brawler, and Bakugan feel good about themselves/their progress in battle (both hedonistic and sadistic ways might apply to this).

Empathy Edit

The Empathy Energization can be activated usually at the end of the round. It is when a brawler, and Bakugan feel their enemy's emotions, and get one of the other six Triggers.


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