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The Travails of Teamwork: Vergil Winchester eliminates a prominent football player by telling him the consequences of forging a pact with a god.

Setting: 12:00 am, UnknownEdit

A man enthroned in a seat of darkness points out his finger into the midnight sky. He smiles haughtily as a star falls from the horizon. A young man in black overalls and white cape approaches him and bows down to him.

Gunz: Master DIO...

DIO: Gunz Lazar, what a pleasant surprise.

Gunz: Master, just how long should you require my servitude until you free me from my bonds?

DIO: I take it, you never understood your true purpose until now.

The man whose made known as DIO stood from his throne and walked down to the kneeling young man. Without a second thought, DIO stamps his foot and steps on the young man's back.

Gunz: Ngh...!!

DIO: You will always be beneath me, Gunz. Nothing can change that.

Gunz: Gaaah....uggh.... yes...sir...

DIO took his foot off the young man's back and returned to his throne. Cross-legged and glaring at the young man, his words were solid as steel.

DIO: Anyone who has been bound by the consequences of the Current of Time shall never be freed through conventional means.

Gunz: The Current of Time?!

DIO: Gunz Lazar...or shall I say, the hellhound of Coredegon that bears a shard of the infernal thing.

Gunz: I do not have such!

DIO: Let's see how that fares, then, shall we?

A blinding ray of light consumed the area, followed by the voice of the young man writhing in pain.

Setting: 5am, Kazami ManorEdit

The following day, a woman in white makes her visit to a prominent Bakugan Scientist that lives East of Wardington.

Mira: Professor Kazami.

Shun: Miss Parker, you're just in time for breakfast. Have a seat.

Mira: How pleasant.

Mira takes her seat and looks around as Professor Kazami prepares a breakfast for her.

Mira: You...

Shun: Yes, Miss Parker?

Mira: Until now, you still live in his shadow.

Shun: His?

Mira: You had always been in Dan Kuso's shadow...

Shun: Oh, I beg your pardon. A ninja is a dweller of the shadows.

Mira: True that.

Shun: Here, I hope you like today's morning tea.

Mira: You're really good at this.

Shun: Thank you, that means a lot to me.

A short while later, a pink-haired man entered the kitchen.

Lync: Shun.

Shun: What brings you here?

Lync: A meteor crashed on East of Bayview Harbor last night.

Shun: So? It's just a meteor.

Lync: Wrong call, Shun. It's not anything that fell down on Earth before.

Shun: True, it's magnitude is quite a bit more devastating.

Lync: Not only that, the Grammaton's sensors and radar equipment had picked up some sort of weird energy emanating from the meteor.

Shun: Kryptonite? Kryptonium? Unobtainium? Be my guest.

Lync: Comic book stuff is not the point here.

Mira: That annoying meteor was all over the news this morning.

Lync: We should be thankful that Earth's gadgets are not enough to detect the supernatural energy from the meteor.

Shun: Then how on the Moon did you picked up that strange energy signals then?

Lync: The Grammaton's technoloqy are all based on Vestal technology which is a thousand times more updated than the latest tracking devices that Earthlings made.

Shun: I figured. Vestal technology at it's finest, eh?

Lync: Actually, our equipment is a bit outdated.

Shun: You can't be serious!

Lync: It needs a bit of upgrade since the Energy Signals cannot be gleaned further.

Miss Parker stood from her seat and looked away from the two men.

Mira: Could it be true...?

Shun: Yes, Miss Parker?

Mira: That a God may destroy as he please...

Lync: A Destroyer will still meet his destruction, Miss Parker.

Lync approaches Miss Parker.

Lync: Our nature is to make sure they do meet their doom.

Mira: If that is the case then I will send my vassal to the crash site if he could obtain samples and detect whatever the meteor is about.

Lync: Great idea. A Protheesaur can detect even subliminal energy sources. No wonder they're being captured to become Truffle Hog substitutes.

Mira: I thought we got past that whole issue of Protheesaur poaching?

Lync: We did. Those critters are now working for me in the Mothership of the Grammaton.

Shun: So you got dinosaurs as your crewmen. So much for updated technology, huh?

Lync: Shun, those Dinosaurs are not mindless flesh-eaters. They have brains as advanced as humans.

Shun: Good for you to find cheap labor. Me, I have to do everything by myself.

Lync: Too bad for you then. Haha.

Setting: 1pm, UnknownEdit

Back to the base of the God of Darkness; Gunz Lazar met with a young woman who seems to be knowledgeable of the earth-shaking event that happened in the past few hours.

Gunz: Milena.

Milena: Oh Gunz. I'm so pleased to see you.

Gunz: Enough talk, what do you want?

Milena: You seem to be in a bad mood.

Gunz: Just get straight to the point.

Milena: Well, you felt kind of cold.

Gunz: If this is about Penguins then I suggest you GTFO.

Milena: No, not Penguins.

Gunz: What, Yoyos?

Milena: Nope, not really.

Gunz: Then what?

Milena: Well, you could say the Meteor fell down like a Yoyo.

Gunz: I don't see the resemblance.

Milena: Then back again from anyone who launched it.

Gunz: Now that's where it gets boring.

Milena: Do you not know that a falling star possess a strange form of energy?

Gunz: Gamma Ray Burst?

Milena: No, an energy that portends death.

Gunz: Uhuh. Hundreds of casualties were recorded.

Milena: The death of a star...and the birth of another...doesn't that ring a bell to you?

Gunz: Seriously, you're talking about God particles again.

Milena: Correct. God particles.

Milena moves away from Gunz, slides across the room and winks like a crazed teen idol.

Milena: Only a god can rule over life, death and rebirth.

Gunz: So in order to extract those so-called God Particles, you need a star's full life cycle.

Milena: That would take like Eons, you know.

Gunz: However, you found a way to speed up the process.

Milena: Pin pon!

Gunz: Despicable wretch. Get out of my sight.

Milena: Oh, you're no fun! Oh well, I'll be back!

Milena blows a kiss before leaving Gunz's quarters.

End of Chapter 2.

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