Dual of The Damned
Season 2
Episode Number 16
Preceeded By Preparation
Followed By Forgiven but not Forgotten


When FSB and answers his message from the ChaosCrusader, he emediately meets him, at his location. There he meets up with Chaos, and surprisingly, Airzel. Blaze thinking it was a trap, to get the two to meet, tried to leave. He knew he wasn't ready, yet. Airzel insisted they brawled. Blaze claimed he had cheated, and had the right to leave. Then he got cocky, and decided to brawl him anyway. The two went into battle, and Blaze put up a fight,but it wasn't enough. Airzel walked away with the win stating, "all was forgiven."


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Bakugan UsedEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit



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