Darkus Drothkenoid

Darkus Drothkenoid in Bakugan form

Drothkenoid is a demonic moth/dragon-like Bakugan that will appear in Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes. His brawler is the mysterious masked figure known as Parasyte. He is a Darkus Bakugan.


Drothkenoid can drain his opponent's energy with webs or small parasites that will invade the body of the opposing Bakugan. Drothkenoid's fangs contain a deadly poison that has two effects; it can control the poisoned Bakugan mind, or if they refuse to obey the poison will kill them.


  • Parasitic Void: Unleashes parasites to either weaken, control, or kill enemy Bakugan.
  • Web Constrict: Uses webbing to immobilize opposing Bakugan.
  • Darkus Blowback:
  • Dark Break:
  • Fiendish Glare:
  • Shadow Venom:
  • Vision of Darkness: Forces all Bakugan down except Darkus Bakugan.


  • Drothkenoid seems to have a rivalry with Drakohex.
  • Drothkenoid has the same goal as Drakohex; to be the Ultimate Bakugan, and Drago is in the way.
  • He was inspired by the Bakugan Razenoid and the Pokemon Volcarona. Both were being thought of while Drothkenoid was being designed.
  • Since he can drain energy in battle, he usually has no need to rest.
  • His eyes are similar to the eyes of Lythirus, so he can see an opponent no matter how fast they move. Invisibility does not affect his sight.

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