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I will drill through all your puny defenses!


Type Darkus Sprayzer
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Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 900 G
Variations Sprayzer
Brawler Darkusinfinity99
Battle Gear None
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Driller is Darkusinfinity99 's Darkus Sprayzer.


Driller is a Sprayzer that loves to Brawl. His attacks are really fast as his speed and aim are deadly. He also loves to dig and drill.


Driller is usually very kind, willing to help lots of pepole with his amazing drilling abilities. He is incredibly loyal and will never forget a promise.


Darkusinfinity99 was walking through the desert when he heard a cry for help. Running, he found a Sprayzer lying on the ground, his drilling hands and his legs tied with a rope that glinted with power. The Bakugan was in a lot of pain, as the ropes were getting tighter and tighter. Darkusinfinity99 tried everything, but he couldn't take the rope off Sprayzer. He found a young man standing close, and asked him for help. He held up an Ability Card and said that the rope would only come off with this ability. But, the mysterious stranger wouldn't give Darkusinfinity99 the ability until he brawled and won. After an epic brawl, the stranger reloucntly gave up the Ability Card, promising revenge. The Sprayzer was freed, and introuduced himself. The Sprayzer wanted to join Darkusinfinity99, and so they're adventures began. After knowing how much the Sprayzer liked drilling, Darkusinfinity99 called him Driller.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Drilling Death: Transfers 400 G's from the opponent to Driller.
  • Drill Impact: Nulifies the opponent's ability.
  • Ventus Durance: All Ventus Bakugan lose 700 Gs.
  • Dragon Driller: Subtracts 500 G's from the enemy. If the enemy is a Dragonoid, subtract 700 G's instead.
  • Last Blow: If the G power diffrence is over 850 Driller automaticly wins. If the G power diffrence is over 950, this ability can't be nulified. Can only be activated after 10 turns.
  • Dual Drill: Makes a clone of Driller with the base G's of Driller.
  • Force Drill: Forces enemy to use an ability. That ability is nulified and can not be used again.
  • Reverse Impact: Reverses the enemy's abilities from the last turn. For example, if he used 2 abilities, both of them are reversed at him.
  • Returning Driler: Lets Driller use an ability another 3 times.



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