Bakugan nero nemisis
The true culprit
Type Darkus Dranxeo
First appearance A Fresh Start (in disguise), True ID (in his true form)
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus
Power 2000 Gs
Variations The Psychic Master
Brawler none
Battle Gear none
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Dranxeo is an evil Bakugan, and what lies behind The Psychic Master's disguise.


This Bakugan is a ghost who came from a graveyard to cause mayhem. Dranxeo, by mayhem means ruining people's lives. Dranxeo is very cruel and laughs when a person gets seriously injured.

History Edit

In True ID, his BakuNano are defeated, with the protagonists who he really is. Psychic removes his disguise and turns into a Bakugan called Dranxeo. He states his goal is to wipe out all Bakugan with over 800 Gs, so he can be the best. Ability Cards:

  • Black Smoke
  • Hulking Trident
  • Dark Shield
  • Grapple Blizzard
  • Misting Shadows

Trivia Edit

  • Dranxeo claims to be a member of Beta's clan: The 8 Ghosts, originally "The 9 Destroyers" before the other 8 were banished to the underworld.
    • Dranxeo, however did get killed eventually, but escaped the underworld.

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