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Drake was a four-legged dragon-like Bakuganand the Guardian Bakugan of Nathan. His Battle Gear is a Gold AirKor

Drake Scan
Type BakuEvolutions Dharak
First appearance Unknown
Gender Male
Attribute [1] Darkus
Power 1600 Gs
Variations Phantom Dharak
Brawler Nathan Hyun 
Battle Gear Any Battle/Nano gear, as long as its Gundalian
Themes My Demons - Starset
Main Adversary Diego


  • Description

As a Darkus Dharaknoid, he is one of Gundalia's strongest Bakugan and the partner of Nathan. He is from the same lineage as Drago, and has inherited the DNA and the biological makeup of one of the two original Bakugan. He projects a dark energy blast from his mouth to devastate his opponents.



His voice does not sound as sinister as other darkus bakugan, having a calmer tone to that deep serious voice like Haden when he first appeared. His personality also appears to be similar to his brawling partner, Nathan, being devious, quiet and cold.



    • Darkness Waver: Transfers 800Gs from the opponent. 
    • Thunder Probe (Thunder Prowl in the Japanese version): Adds 600Gs to Drake and nullifies the opponent's ability.
    • Evil Blow:  Gains Gs by multiplying the amount of support pieces with 100 and adding them to Dharak. All the opponent’s support pieces are discarded and may not be used for the rest of the round.
    • Westwall Shield: Nullifies the opponent’s ability and increases Drake’s defense by 150%.
    • Darkness Glow: Halves the opponent’s power level and limits the opponent’s power to gaining 500Gs per ability (Attack, Defense, Nullification, Deflection cards are all included) 
    • High Skewed Waver: Either subtract 900Gs from opponent or Subtract 600Gs from opponent and Nullify an ability. 
    • Exodus Waver: Adds 1000Gs to Drake and Increases Drake’s speed to 150%.
    • Chaos Armageddon: If the opponent is NOT a Gundalian bakugan, Drake automatically wins. if not, Adds 900Gs to Drake and nulifies opponent's ability.

  • Airkor Zayin: Decreases 900Gs from opponent and increases Drake's attack power by 150%.
  • Airkor Razer: Decreases 1200Gs from opponent and increases Drake's attack power by 200%.
  • Airkor Mutiliater: Decreases 1500Gs from opponent and increases Drake's attack power by 300%.