Capital Fire Temple
The Dragons Temple is a temple located in the Fire Pits, directly north of the The Crimson Palace. It is run by the Dragon Sages, and holds secret catacombs beneath it, referred to as the Dragon Catacombs. It is here where the secrets, and legends of the world and beyond go. All your answers are there.

History Edit

Firestormblaze visits the temple to learn about the Firestorm swords, and how it will help him to use them. He snuck into the temple at night, and followed a Phoenix Sage into the Dragon Catacombs. While in the chambers, he found and read about the curse of the swords.

Description Edit

The temple's architectural layout was not shown very well, although it seems to be very similar to the temple on Magma's Island. The temple is divided into three sections, surrounded by a small wall. An entrance to the catacombs beneath it is placed near the entrance of the temple, and can only be opened using Fire.

Catacombs Edit

The Dragon Catacombs are underground passageways located beneath the temple that hold many rooms and many secrets about ancient wepaons, and demons. A narrow hallway leading to the Demon Kings Dragon room is aligned with the skulls of dead dragons. In the room, a statue of the King's Dragon a sample of it's blood can be found, and it can only to be opened with Fire. The catacombs are lit by several torches perched on the walls. It is possible that all the other secrets are in the catacombs, though this has not been confirmed .


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