Due to the loathsome attitide of Fire Ingram and his Mechtogans plus the fact they destroyed the Gold Coast thus Aqua and Dragon had no home as the city was their home. Dragon decided he would never forgive Ingram.

Dragon's side of the conflictEdit

Arc 1Edit

In Flaming Ingram, the third episode of season 4 Aqua told Blaze and Beato about Ingram. Later the actual thing came after Dragon pranked them he was Fire Ingram (off screen). Dragon was extremely angry and is extremely rough with Ingram during battle. Dragon lifted Ingram straight off his feet with out an ability card in episode 15 too. Dragon is now training alongside Storm in order to defeat Fire Ingram. Dragon lashes right out at Ingram during the episode: Blaze and Aqua's Fury and helps Storm, Pyro and Hellstorm snap Ingram out of all the madness, which goes all according to Pyro's plan.

Arc 2Edit

When Ingram re-appears, Titanium Dragon is disgusted, telling Ingram he "makes us all sick"

Ingram's side of the conflict Edit

Arc 1Edit

Ingram despises all who stand in his way and often winds Dragon and his mates up. Dragon is usually the one that battles him. Ingram cares nothing for anyone saying to Dragon in Wiltshire Titan Comes, "THE ONLY PLACE YOU BELONG IS AT THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOT!" meaning he hates Dragon just as much. Ingram later reffers Dragon to a "psychotic, weirdo, druggy Dragonoid from Gundalia" in order to taunt him, in episode 26. That taunt, gets to Dragon's nerves which causes him to punch one of Ingram's teeth out, and break his mask before causing the injury. In Blaze and Aqua's Fury, he tells Dragon that his only goal is to destroy all other Bakugan, including him.

Arc 2 Edit

Ingram asks Dragon for a final brawl, which Dragon accepts. Ingram also tells Dragon that he will rip his guts out, before throwing out his Metal Blast Ability.

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