Dr. WHO?
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 8
Preceeded By Creating The ARK
Followed By ARK VS Interspace
Dr. WHO? is episode 8 of Season 1.


After barely winning their battle against Faze and Trip, Faze and Trip take them to a secretly hidden building knwon as Zeal HQ. There they meet a strange old man named Dr. Zeal. He was born with laughing tourettes and when they went away, he made laughing his hobby. Dr. Zeal claims to know everything about G.A.M.E. and how it all didn't start in Interspace. He tells Neos and PG that once he takes up all the G.A.M.E. energy in Interspace, he will release all the rogue Bakugan into the real world so he can drain all the G.A.M.E. energy from the planet so he can create his own planet that will crush Earth and take it's place in the galaxy. Before Neos and PG can leave to go tell the admins about it, they are cornered by 4 of Dr. Zeal's strongest brawlers. Will Neos and PG be able to escape Zeal HQ and warn the world of it's impending doom? Or will they be destroyed for good by Zeal's henchmen?

Bakugan Seen Edit

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  • Neos & PG VS Galaxy, Layla, Adison, & Winx = Interrupted
  • Neos, PG, FSB, & AOH VS Galaxy, Layla, Adison, & Winx = Tie

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