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I'll never lose


Debut The Island of Illusion
Used By Baku-Cool
Gender Male
Age unknown
G-Power 2000 Gs
Attribute Hurricanian Symbol Hurricanian Ventus
Weaponry none
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Main Adversaries {{{adversaries}}}
Friends Kaxyin, VH, more...
Enemies Hunter Fosu, Brine, more...
Battle Gear none
Mechtogan none- VH's Mechtogan
Mechtogan Titan none
MechFrame none
Status Alive
Destructonoid is the Mechtogan of Baku-Cool and his Horridian, VH in season 4 of Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Destructonoid is a powerful Mechtogan and can shoot tornadoes from every part of his body. Destructonoid has strong metal around himself and it can't be penetrated through. He will stop at nothing to destroy the evil, loathsome and cruel villains on Earth and Hurricanos. He can also use gas to make the opponent shrivlel up, knocking them out cold. Eventually, the opponent will die. Unlike other Mechtogan, he has a ball form.


In The Island of Illusion, he is summoned by VH in order to stop Hoodlum Splice from turning evil. He manages to kill Zombie and Brine in the process.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Wind Smasher: Adds 500 Gs to Destructonoid.
  • Destruction Burst: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities.
  • Deeper Wind: The opponent cannot nullify Destructonoid's abilities in any way. Next time he takes a turn, his G-Power will double.
  • Shriveler: Drops the opponent to zero Gs.


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