FREEDOM! Anta ga kazoku o koroshita, tome otosu tano ni!!

FREEDOM! You killed (my) family, even I have to STOP YOU!!

—Destiny, to Strike Freedom who killed his family

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Debut {{{debut}}}
Used By Barcibal
Controller Falls
Gender Male
G-Power 2500 Gs
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
20px-HaosIcon Haos
20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Generation 3
Theme Song Primal Innocence
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Enemies {{{enemy}}}
Status Alive

ZGMF-Z42S Destiny is Third Generation MechFrame, owned by Barcibal and piloted by Falls.


Destiny was once the 3-in-1 Impulse, but modified to better version when fighting against Strike Freedom. Destiny has wing backpack, just like Strike Freedom, he has 2 main weapon stored between his wing; devastating Beam Cannon and the ferocious Beam Sword. He also has 2 Boomerang on his shoulder and equipped with CIWS system.


Impulsive, stubborn, hot tempered, and acting arrogant still becoming his personality.



  • MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS: One of Destiny's long range weapon.
  • M2000GX High Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon: A Beam Cannon with capability to destroy ship in single shot.
  • MMI-714 Arondight Beam Sword: A powerful sword able to cut opponent thick armor.
  • MMI-X340 Palma Fiocina Palms Beam Cannon: On Destiny's palm is a destructive Beam Cannon which could fire Beams or to heat-blast the opponent's MechFrame main vision camera.
  • Shield: Destiny's main shield.
    • ​MX2351 Solidus Fulgor Beam Shield Generator: When Destiny's shield couldn't defend the opponent's attack any longer, blue particle formed a diamond-shaped shield to double the defend power.
  • MA-BAR73/S High Energy Beam Rifle: Destiny main rifle gun.
  • RQM60F Flash Edge 2 Beam Boomerang: A boomerang used when his opponent's is far enough for Destiny to reach. Used by either throwing it or use it as beam boomerang-saber.



Destiny base form before the PSA activated, also return to this form when he runs out of G-Power of what he call Nuclear Reactor. In this form, Destiny's color is dark-greyish of all body parts except the armaments, as the armament doesn't need Reactor to be activated. This is the weakest of any of Destiny forms.

---Ability Cards---

  • Variable Phase Shift Armor: Play before Destiny is launched, increase Destiny's base Gs with 500 Gs.


Destiny's most and always used when fighting opponent. his overall body is more colorful, and his defend power is increased by 160%.

---Ability Cards---

  • Destiny Cannon:
  • Destiny Finger:
  • Destiny Sword:
  • Destiny Wing - Hikari no Tsubasa: Destiny become immune on Opponent's subtraction and transfering for 3 turns and subtracts 300 gs from Destiny. If the effect of this ability drops Destiny's Gs to 0 Gs, transfers all opponet's Gs to Destiny.
  • Destiny Boomerang: Subtracts 300 from Destiny and subtracts 600 Gs from the opponent.


Destiny's super fast form, activated from ability cards Destiny Wing - Hikari no Tsubasa. In this form, he moves very quickly in both earth and outerspace, opponent's couldn't see Destiny's movement because he moves really,really fast even Strike Freedom's drone with 8-formations couldn't hit him.

---Tsubasa Ability Cards---

  • Tsubasa no Chikaraa - Sword X Wing: Can only be activated after Destiny Wing - Hikari no Tsubasa have been played. The effect become Destiny Sword + Destiny Wing.
  • Tsubasa no Hayai - FASTFAST: Can only be activated after Destiny Wing - Hikari no Tsubasa have been played. The effect become the same as 2 activated Destiny Wing.
  • Tsubasa no Tsunzaku - Cannon X Wing:
  • Tsubasa no TRIDENT - Sword X Finger X Wing:
  • Tsubasa no Agaru - Finger X Wing:
  • Tsubasa no Tobu - Boomerang X Wing:



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