The Demons of RiotEdit

The Demons of Riot are a group of Demon warriors, who live to serve when called upon. They are summoned from an amulet to do the bidding of their Master.

I live to serve you Master.




Gladious was once a powerful war lord. He was the most powerful on earth. Then he was challenged in battle, and beaten. His soul was sent to hell;but some thought that too mercyful, so the demons put him into an amulet. During his time in the amulet, he learned the error of his ways. When called upon he lives to serve his Master.

225px-231px-Royalguard Dreadnaught Form
I am Agni Roe, the best there is to live, and die.

—Agni Roe

Agni RoeEdit

Agni Roe was once a theif, and a master of stealth. He used Magic and skill to deceive others. Agni can turn invisible and is an expert marksman. He came across the amulet, seeking out it's power, but was trapped inside. He now lives to serve the one who wields it.

As you wish Master !



Vexstriker is a powerful lightning Demon, whose power grows as long as lightning may flash in the sky. His brother is Thunderstriker, long lost. Thunderstriker and Vexstriker once ruled the world, with power unmatched. Then a powerful being came with the power of fire and the storm, and wiped them out. To fit their crimes one was destroyed, but the other was place in an amulet, to be called upon in time of need. He now lives to serve.

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