Season 1
Episode Number 3
Preceeded By Observation
Followed By Channel the darkness


It begins with a flashback of Ricileon training with Dekuu. Then it shows the four members of the Death Bringers discussing her. After th eother two return they decide to face Ricileon all at once. The leader stays behind to monitor them.

Meanwhile Ricileon is relaxing while the demons are in their human form. She noticed the five arriving and faces them. Realizing she was outmatched, Ricileon turned Dekuu, Mujika, and Sumbato into bakugan. She nearly defeated all of them.

They all rose from near death using a healing ability. She noticed all three were weak and out of energy. She turned into a Bakugan and looked at them. Ricileon them destroyed them with her dark energy.

After reporting another failure, the leader decides to level the bakugan up to their absolute maximum. The members also recieve some forbidden abilities.

Characters SeenEdit



Ventus brawler

Aquos brawler

Pyrus brawler


Sumbato (Human)

Dekku (Human)

Mujika (Human)




  • Ricileon's hair is noticably shorter in the battle. It even has a slight blue tint to it.
  • This is one of the few times the three demons fight together.

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