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Darkus Decay Mechtogan
Debut TBA
Used By Valentin
Title Demigod of Ruin
Gender Male
G-Power 2000 G (RP)
Attribute Matrixdarkus Matrix Darkus
Theme Song N/A
Main Adversaries TBA
Main Allies Akuma
Close Relationships None
Weaponry TBA
Battle Gear TBA
Signature Abilities Blind Necrosis
Status Alive

Decay is a Matrix Darkus Decay belonging to Valentin. He is the Mechtogan of Akuma.


Decay is a tall and slim Mechtogan. His blows can shatter even the mightiest of defenses. His wings can also de-attach themselves and serve as blades.


Decay is an emotionless being, just like his master. He does not show mercy nor any other emotion in battle. He also strategically, but blindly, attacks his opponents.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Decaying Glory: Decay gains 600 Gs for each Ability Card the opponent used for the last three turns. Decay also gains and additional 500 Gs if the battle is on an opponent's Gate Card.
  • Decaying Justice: The opponent's Gate Card is destroyed and Decay gains 300 Gs for each Bakugan and Mechtogan on the field. The opponent's Bakugan is also enslaved for three turns.
  • Still Nexus: If in a battle with Akuma, the G-Powers of all Bakugan on Decay's side are added up and doubled, but if in battle with another Bakugan other than Akuma, the G-Powers of all Bakugan on Decay's side are doubled and then added up. Also, the opponent cannot activate anything for two turns.
  • Blind Nercosis: Play after Decay is brought into the field of battle. All Support Pieces on your opponent's side of the field are removed from play for the rest of the round. Decay's G-Power is doubled for each Support Piece removed this way. After that, Decay's G-Power is tripled for each remaining Bakugan/Support Piece on the field of battle. All Bakugan on Valentin's side of the field gain G-Power equal to Decay's new G-Power.
  • Graveyard Snap: Play after Decay is brought into the battle. For the rest of the brawl, the opponent cannot counter nor prevent any of Decay's Abilities and Gate Cards in any way. This Ability Card cannot be countered in any way.
  • Graveyard Silence: Each of the opponent's Bakugan/Support Pieces lose 1000 Gs while Decay gains 1000 Gs for each Bakugan/Support Piece in battle.
  • Graveyard Sheet: Play this Ability Card no matter what. All Ability Cards the opponent had played in their last three turns backfire and are replaced with the effect of subtracting 400 Gs from each of their own Bakugan/Support Pieces. This Ability Card cannot be countered nor prevented in any way.
  • Decaying Magnifier: The effects of Decay's Abilities and Gate Cards are doubled.


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