Dead or Alive
Season 4
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Airzel-of-Haos is talking with Bendo, DGK27, and DinoQueen13. Later Firestormblaze joins their conversation. Later, Aquamentus joins. As they converse, his friend Jacob Reign comes around. Aquamentus, and Jacob get acquainted. Slowly one-by-one Aquamentus, DinoQueen13, and Bendo leave. Leaving Airzel, Blaze, DGK and Jacob together. DGK27 recives a battle challenge, and goes to brawl. Somehow the others remain in conversation. They begin to talk about relationships, where Airzel mentions Sophia. He tells the two, that they broke up, and to never speak of it, or else. Firestormblaze begins to taunt Airzel, but Jacob convinces him to show a little respect. Blaze seemingly begins to sympathize with him. Airzel feels uncomfortable, and demands that the subject be changed. Airzel then goes to leave, when DinoQueen13 returns, and Bendo with her. Jacob leaves, as he sees he's not welcome anylonger. DGK returns from the battle.


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