Day and Nightmare
Season 3
Episode Number 29
Preceeded By Stone Cold
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"Day and Nightmare" is season 3 episode 29 of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


After Firestormblaze is teleported to Neathia. He is greeted by Fabia, and her sister Serena. When Blaze gets there, they exchange hello's, and then Blaze begins to flirt with Fabia, where she reminds him that he has a girl friend. Blaze automatically gets the hint, and asks if it was a friendly visit, or if they would talk about he was there. They are quickly reminded why they brought him there. He is then show video, of a Pyrus Bolcanon attacking Neathia. They then bring him a folder filled with the info on the Bakugan, and it's brawler, Mel. Blaze continues to question why this wasn't handled by Phoenix7, and the castle knights. He is then told that Phoenix has been with The Sacred 7. Blaze is then outraged that they don't think is busy enough. They then laugh, and continue to tell him about Mel. Blaze asks when and where he can confront Mel. He is told that his location is unknown, but they are aware, that he has followers. Blaze then takes the hint, that he must assemble a team. He is teleported back to earth with Casper, after they are formally introduced. Blaze leads Casper to his girl friend Rose's house. When they enter, they are greeted by Rose and her cousin Valerie. While Blaze talks to Rose about a team he needs, Valerie starts to flirt with Casper. Val comments on how muscular Casper is, and he just sits calmly and accepts her compliments. Unaware that she is trying to flirt with him. A few minutes later, they leave. Rose is unable to join, so they go some where else. They visit the Doom Crew, to see if they're join them. But they just get the door slammed in their faces. They then go home to Blaze's place, to try again another day. At night, someone sneaks into blaze's home, and to seemingly assassinate Casper. The duo fight the person off, and out of the house. They then realize that they make a great team, all by themselves. They go back into the house, and Casper sleeps in his room, and Blaze meditates in his.

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