Allow me to even this out, Mistress.


Type Darkus Miserak
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 2000 (RP) G
Variations Miserak
Brawler Fuse
Battle Gear None
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Main Adversary Volley

Dawn is Fuse's Mechtogan, spawned by Eclipse.


Steady and thorough in close quarter battles, Dawn is a solid warrior. Dawn's well balanced proportions produce devastating attacks. She is able to stand the worse of blows, and still deliver the final victory, no matter what the odds.


Dawn is extremely intelligent and is known for having a sort of sixth sense, enabling her to predict her opponent's attacks before they even think of them. She analyses her opponent's strategies and counters them with incredible intellect. She finds it challenging to use this on Volley, as he has a habit of attacking with no thoughts whatsoever.


To be written.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Hypnos Gaze: Dawn can control an opponent Mechtogan for two turns. This effect increases by one turn every time the opponent uses an action.
  • Lunar Stall: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Vermilion Mind Twist: The opponent cannot affect G Power in any way.
  • Omni Chronic: The opponent's ability effects are halved for the rest of the round.
  • Gore Ignition: Revives a defeated Bakugan.
  • Magnetic Nebulous: Dawn absorbs all power from other support pieces, reducing all others to 0.


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