Prepare to have all your blood sucked up, fucking asshole!

—Darkus Jaakor

Darkus Magmafury
Debut Destroy all Ventus Bakugan!
Used By Ventus Killer
Gender Male
Age unknown
G-Power 3400 Gs
Attribute Hurricanian Darkus Symbol Hurricanian Darkus
Weaponry Cannons
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Friends Zyris Bolcanon, Komodtrix, Flamer, Rash, Overlord, Chaos Aranaut, Silent Contestir, Roadkill, more...
Enemies Splice, Glider, Akuma, Phantom, Windus, Baku-Cool's Gliderak, Avian Snake, Slash, Kraken, Hikari, more...
Battle Gear none
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
MechFrame none
Status Alive
Darkus Magmafury is a Magmafury comprised of Darkus Jaakor, Darkus Skytruss and Darkus Orbeum and is used by Ventus Killer in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Darkus Magmafury has the strength of a black hole, destroying any thing that opposes him. Magmafury uses the power of Jaakor to crush his enemies.

History Edit

In Destroy all Ventus Bakugan!, the 3 combine to form Magmafury. He is shown to have more than triple the strength of a regular Magmafury, taking out Hurricanian Rubanoid, Blitzer and Crystal Blitzer out in one shot. Avian Snake and Hawk Ingram also recieve a savage beating from him. Kraken, Slash, Windus, Pyrus Kodokor and Pyrus Mutabrid decide to gang up on him after seeing the deaths of several soldiers. Kraken is eventually defeated by Necro Burst, so Slash commands the other 3 to combine. Zyris Bolcanon is later added into battle, with Phantom arriving to stop him. When Akuma arrives, Magmafury tells Killer it is time to add Komodtrix to the battle. Flamer and Rash also assist them. Gliderak acts recklessly and charges at Magmafury, only to be tossed around by Rash, seperating. Magmafury kills Kodokor and Mutabrid with a powerful Demon Cannon and goes on to the Hurricanian Castle, while the others finish the battle.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Agro Smasher: The opponent cannot subtract G-Power from Magmafury for 10 turns.
  • Dark Cannon: Adds 500 Gs to Magmafury.
  • Necro Burst: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.
  • Bone Crushing Blaster: Triples Magmafury's current G-Power.
  • Killing Core: Nullifies the opponent's ability and prevents them from activating new ones.
  • Haunting Aero Blast: Transfers all of the opponent's G-Power from the opponent to Magmafury.
  • Hellstorm Darkfire: Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent to Magmafury.
  • Assasin Assault: Removes any 2 Bakugan from the field if it is a triple battle.
  • Insanity Blood Drain: Transfers 800 Gs from the opponent to Magmafury.
  • Demon Cannon: Drops the opponent down to zero Gs and adds 800 Gs to Magmafury.
  • Skull Bash: Skips the opponent's turn.
  • Perfect Insanity: The next 5 turns are taken by Magmafury.
  • Hellfire Moon: Halves the opponent's current G-Power. If he sacrifices 300 Gs, the opponent loses 600 Gs.
  • Bloodlust Arrow: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities.
  • Darkus Asylum: The opponent cannot nullify Magmafury's abilities in any way.


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