I am getting tired of you

—Darkus Destroyer talking to Baku-Cool

Darkus Destroyer
2011-09-02 1908
Portrayer Mutant helios
Physical description
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair color unknown
Eye color Red
Personal information
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Enemies Baku-Cool(possibly)
Weapon of choice {{{weapon(s)}}}
Main attribute Darkus
Guardian Bakugan unknown
Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases Mutant Helios, MH, Buffy200
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Current level:  ???
Darkus Destroyer is a very skilled Brawler.

Information Edit

History Edit

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Get out of here"

Powers and abilities Edit

Equipment Edit


  • Haos Reptak
  • Darkus Combat Razenoid - Evolved Razenoid
  • Darkus Jaakor
  • Pyrus Spatterix
  • Ventus Krowll
  • Aquos Akwimos
  • Darkus Infinity Helios
  • Pyrus Evil Twin Helix Dragonoid
  • Ventus Fusion Dragonoid
  • Darkus Horridian
  • Pyrus Orbeum
  • Ventus Skytruss


  • Darkus Combat Venexus
  • Darkus Flytris
  • Darkus Dreadeon Titan

Battle Suits:

  • Ventus Doomtronic


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