The Dark Hex Brawlers, or Dark Hex, is an organization of Bakugan brawlers and scientists created on Planet Dyzekia. The Dark Hex was created for the purpose of studying Bakugan and keeping a stable economy in a functioning monarchy.


  • Lord Dhrakon Dwyhte (Leader/Founder)
  • Parasyte (Self-proclaimed Royal Advisor, public speaker, general of armies)
  • Duncan Dwyhte (Next in line as leader, Darkus Brawler)
  • Katana Dwyhte (Haos Brawler)
  • Bastion "Blast" Lazar (Director of military, Pyrus Brawler)
  • Rina Speare (Former Royal Advisor, Aquos Brawler)
  • Ezekiel "Zeke" Phuller (Ventus Brawler)
  • Terrance Walker (Subterra Brawler)
  • Unnamed scientists (Unnamed scientists)

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